Brian Johnson Band

About The Band

About Brian

Brian Johnson has been involved in music ever since he was a child. He began piano at age thirteen. He would soon change instruments at age fifteen while watching his big brother Randy play the guitar. Brian's first stringed instrument was the bass, but soon he learned his instrument of choice would be the guitar. After playing guitar for only a very short time, Brian was fluently emulating his favorite artists. Some of Brian's influences include Chet Atkins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Setzer, Elvis Presley, many of the blues greats, Carl Johnson (Brian's father), Randy Johnson (Brian's brother), Woody Brackeen (friend, great singer), Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Junior Brown, Mark Knofler, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Tommy Emmanuel, Vince Gill, Jeff Cobble (great local guitarist) and many more.

What kind of guitar style would you classify Brian as? Brian just likes to play what sounds good to him. Largely influenced by the Blues, Brian is not stuck in that one style. He just likes to play to his own satisfaction, taking a back seat to no one. Through frequent gigs across the midsouth at many of the lesser-known venues, Brian proves that you don't have to go to Beale Street or the more 'established' places to hear excellent music and smoking guitar work.

Statement from Brian

Music can cure my woes. I am very fortunate to have some of the best musicians in backing me up. Pleasing the crowd and having those magical moments on stage are just a couple of the reasons why I play music. The gratification is immeasurable when the people like what you do. A huge thanks goes out to my friends in the band that help me make this possible. For that I am grateful. My name may be out front, but I couldn't play to the level I play without the drive of such an excellent band. Don't come to just hear me, listen to the band!

Special thanks to:

The People

We have met so many wonderful people that support our band. Whether it is at 'The Local' or elsewhere. We really appreciate the support and kind words, even when we don't always play their requests.

Scott, 'The Captain(ed)', Harold. Scott and his guys really went out of their way and took the time to build a very cool and spacious stage for the band to play on at 'The Local'. Scott is a monster carpenter! A million thanks guys!


Dad - Thanks for playing the guitar for us when we were kids, and for all the long hard days of work that bought my first strat.

Randy Johnson (big brother) - Thanks for teaching me how to listen. Learning by ear became my method thanks to him. Thanks also for allowing me to gunk up the strings on his favorite guitar when I started learning.

Woody Brackeen (good friend) - Thanks for introducing me to the blues and showing me the meaning of music with heart. What a difference it makes when you play like you mean it. What a great performer Woody could be.

Danny Harris (good friend) - The coolest heckler alive - "Play something new!!!"

The Accelerators

In the beginning - The band creator Wesley Flint (bass), Mike Jordan (drummer), Randy Johnson (rhythm guitar/bass), Mark Bailey (bass/sound engineer). Thanks for the boost off guys!!!! Some of the best shows to date were with these performers and friends.